BC PNP Business Immigration


The business component of the BC PNP offers accelerated immigration for investment-ready and qualified entrepreneurs ready to invest and settle in BC, and become permanent residents of Canada. The objectives of the BC PNP Business Immigration categories are to encourage economic development, promote job creation and maintain existing jobs in BC.


The BC PNP nominates for permanent residence potential immigrants who:

have the ability to establish themselves successfully in BC and
develop and actively manage a business that will provide significant economic benefits to the province.

Applicants must meet the program’s nomination criteria but should be aware that meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee approval.

The BC PNP establishes nomination targets for the program, and gives priority to candidates who demonstrate the greatest potential to create a successful business and contribute economically to the province.

Business Categories

The BC PNP provides opportunities for business immigration in three categories:

Business Skills
Regional Business
Strategic Projects
Basic Criteria

The basic criteria for consideration under all three of the business categories relates to business eligibility:

The primary purpose of the business is to earn profits from active income from the supply of products/services;
The business’ sustained commercial viability must be probable;
The business must provide economic benefit to BC by contributing to one of the following:
increasing the exports of goods/services;
increasing value-added manufacturing, processing, or primary resource activity;
increasing BC tourism;
increasing research and development and technology commercialization;
creating innovative approaches to traditional businesses;
servicing an underserved regional market;
transferring skills, technology, and know-how to BC;
succession plan buy-outs where eligible businesses are purchased from retiring owners.
Applications Not Accepted

Applications will not be accepted from individuals who:

have an unresolved refugee claim in Canada,
are in Canada illegally
are under a removal order in Canada
are prohibited from entering Canada.
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