Out of Status?


You suddenly realized your study or work permit expired or is about to expire. You looked at CIC website and couldn’t find how to restore your status? We are here to help.

The important things to remember when you are in Canada with temporary status (NOT as a permanent resident) are:

– always maintain legal status, be it study permit, work permit, temporary resident visa (visitor visa), you NEED to have legal status;
– always apply to extend the validity of this status at least 1 month before the expiration of this status;
– if you are somewhat late, apply as soon as possible;
– if your status is expired, make sure to apply for status restoration within 90 days of loss of status.
– this 90 day period is extremely important;
– after 90 days, you still have a chance of being able to restore your status but you will need good reasons.

For any questions or assistance in restoring your status, or extending your status before expiration, please contact us.