Computer Engineering and Science


Are you a holder of a bachelor degree (or master) in either:

Computer Science, Computer Engineering,

Genetics (MSc), Biophysics (Bach.)

Accounting, Banking and Financial Operations, Marketing and Purchasing,

Engineering : Civil, Construction, Transportation; Earth Sciences; Food (Engineering or Sciences and Technology); Physical; Industrial and Administrative.

Translation (either English or French and another language)


Quebec province controls its own immigration within Canada and offers very competitive programs to attract Skilled Workers. Anybody wishing to establish themself in Montreal or any other area of Quebec province must apply through the Quebec Skilled Worker program. The program is accepting a limited amount of applicants every year and has new guidelines regarding the area of training. The point system is slightly different than the one used for the Canada Skilled Worker program, as points are awarded for the Area of Training, and also more emphasis is put on French language skills.

Thanks to this Area of Training criteria, persons holding a listed and having a few years work experience can apply for Quebec Skilled Worker program without prior knowledge of French.

If you have one of these degrees and have some work experience, please contact us today for an evaluation of your profile, chances are very high you qualify for this program.