Quebec Skilled Workers and Studies in Quebec


Quebec province controls its own immigration within Canada and anybody wishing to establish themself in Quebec province must apply through the Quebec Skilled Worker program. The best program at the time being is the Quebec Experience Program, which requires applicants to first work or study in Quebec province and secure a minimum level of B2 in spoken French language.

Quebec Experience Program VS Regular Quebec Skilled Worker program

After being mostly closed to persons located abroad for a couple of years, the Regular Quebec Skilled Worker program is now operated under an expression of interest system through the Arrima portal. Applicants create their online profile, submit their profile in the pool of profiles, and then wait for an invitation to apply. The Ministry of Immigration will issue invitations to apply at its discretion. There is no information about when these invitations will be issued. We are not taking cases for this program at the time being.

Quebec Experience Program – Study Stream

The fast and effective way to come to Quebec is through studies. With the right choice of program, applicants can start their new life in Quebec within months, complete their study program, secure a post-graduation work permit, and from there apply for the CSQ and then permanent residence through the Quebec Experience program.

Studies in Quebec are a fantastic way to get you to permanent residence status, and completing a local study program which will give you a lot of advantages when applying for jobs later on.

If you study in Quebec (either in English or French, both are possible), you may be eligible to apply for Quebec Experience Program, leading to permanent residence.

Costs of Studies

When prospective students want to come study to Quebec, the first question they ask is: how much will this cost?
Quebec province has very competitive tuition fees for college and university level, and makes it easy for graduates to apply for permanent residence. Quebec province’s affordable cost of living is also a big advantage.

Private Colleges 

Registration for universities are long and tedious, and need a lot of documents. If you’d rather go a faster and more efficient way, consider private colleges. They offer shorter programs (typically 14 – 18 – 24 months) and programs start all year round. Their admission requirements are also a lot more flexible than universities.

Working in Canada as an International Student

Citizenship and Immigration Canada allows International Students to work in Canada while studying. During the semester, students can work up to 20 hours per week, and an unlimited number of hours during school breaks.

Post-Graduation Work Permits for International Students
After completing your studies, you should be eligible for a Post-Graduation Work Permit for the same duration of your studies, which is an open work permit, allowing you to work anywhere in Canada. For example, if you studies lasted 1 year, you will have a 1 year open work permit.

Study Permit Requirements

In order to come study in Canada, you must meet some requirements. You must first prove that you or your parents have the sufficient available funds to pay for your tuition fees and your daily expenses for the first year of your studies, including a return plane ticket to your country of residence.

These are the fees to obtain the study permit for Quebec province:

114$ for the application of Certificat d’Acceptation du Québec (CAQ),
and 150$ for the Canadian Study Permit.

Depending on the program you chose, you may require a COOP work permit for your work stage which is part of your studies, this COOP work permit costs 155$ and can be requested either abroad or once in Quebec.

Information on Step for Quebec Studies

There are a few steps to come study in Quebec province :

1. Admission to the school of your choice
a. Cost : depending on chosen program, can range from free up to 250$CAD or more
b. Processing time : depending on the school, usually several business days

2. Application for a Certificat d’Acceptation du Québec (CAQ) with Ministère de l’Immigration, la Diversité et de l’Inclusion (MIDI).
a. Cost : 114$CAD
b. Processing time : around 5 weeks

3. After obtaining the CAQ, you need to apply for a Study Permit for Canada with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
a. Cost : 150$CAD
b. Processing time : this varies between 2 and 24 weeks depending on country of residence and time of the year

4. Arrival in Québec and start of studies.

5. If your study program included an intership, called ‘stage’ over here, you will need to apply for a COOP work permit. You can either apply for it in your home country or once in Quebec.
a. Cost : 155$CAD
b. Processing time : from 1 to 3 month

Please note that this information is currently valid in date of January 2019 and processing time information is taken from IRCC and MIDI websites.