Quebec Graduate Program – Regular Program

Did you know you can come to Quebec to study and apply for Permanent Residency?

With careful planning and chosing the right study program, your temporary stay in Quebec as a student could lead you to becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident, under the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ – Programme d’Experience Quebecoise) or the Regular Program – Quebec Graduate.

To qualify under the Regular Program – Quebec Graduate, you must:
– choose a qualifying study program (Vocational program of 900 hours or more)
– have completed half of that program before applying (if you are taking a one year program, this means you can apply 6 months into the program and keep studying in Quebec while your application is being processed)
– accumulate enough points in the Grid (Quebec immigration points)

If you do not qualify under the PEQ – Quebec Graduate program, you might still qualify under the Regular Program – Quebec Graduate.

Please contact us today to find out if you qualify under this program.