New Intake for Mon Projet Quebec – Explanation

The Quebec Ministry of Immigration is putting into place a new application system. The old form of application was using paper forms and documents, on a first come, first served basis. The NEW application system is part online, part on paper. Here are the steps of the new application system called Mon Projet Quebec (My Quebec Project – MPQ hereinafter):

1. Create a profile on the MPQ portal (during the profile creation period) and fill in the application information PERIOD TO BE ANNOUNCED

2. When the application period opens: Submit the application online within the quota of 5000 applications. APPLICATION PERIOD TO BE ANNOUNCED

3. After application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation if your application is within the quota or not. If you are NOT within the quota, you have nothing to pay and can try again at the next application intake period.

4. If your application is within the quota, you will be invited to pay the application fees, once this is paid, your application will be processed.

5. At a later stage during the application process, you will be asked to submit paper documents in support of your application. Processing time varies depending on candidate location.

6. Once you obtain your approval by Quebec province, you will get a document called Quebec Selection Certificate, or CSQ.

7. With the CSQ, you have to apply for Canadian permanent residence, which is a paper application and has a current processing time of 14 months (as displayed on IRCC website today May 24 2016).

The next intake period for Quebec immigration will be announced at the end of June, and there will be 5000 applications accepted.

The first round of applications to be accepted are for people who created a profile during January and February 2016, these will be able to submit their application on June 13, for a number of 5000 applications.

For people without current profiles, the new period to create a profile will open after June 20 2016, the date has to be announced shortly. There will then be a new application period for 5000 applications, at a later date, to be announced. This is the one you will be applying for.