Come to Canada on a temporary basis under one of these visas.

Temporary Work Permit – Work Visa

Due to reforms in the policy for hiring temporary foreign workers in July 2014, it is now extremely hard to obtain a work permit for Canada. The Canadian government is supposed to soon change this and create a more favorable program for temporary foreign workers.

Study Permit – Study Visa
Come study in Canada with a temporary study permit. Studying in Canada is a great way to get to know Canadian culture better and decide if this is the country you would like to immigrate to. Canada has world class schools that offer a broad range of educational programs that are sure to make your future as bright as it gets. You can come to Canada to perfect your English or your French, or to study in one of the major universities, the choice is yours.
To find out more today how to make your dream of studying in Canada become a reality, please contact us, we will be delighted to help you reach your educational goal.

Visitor Visa- Temporary Resident Permit
You can first come visit Canada for a stay of under 6 months to check out the opportunities and search for the perfect city for you and your family. Visitor Visas can be obtained fairly fast depending on your location and allow you to come for a single visit. The paperwork to process such a visa can be daunting and incomplete or inconsistent applications will be returned to applicant, which means you might have to reschedule your travel plans. To avoid bothersome and costly mistake, it is important to apply for the Temporary Resident Permit (Visitor Visa) the right way the first time. That is why a lot of people prefer spending some money and hire an Immigration Consultant to handle this matter. Badly prepared applications can head you in the direction of refusals, which means that later on, no matter how well you prepare subsequent applications, they will keep being refused.

Exploratory Visit

If you plan on immigrating to Canada under any economic class, it is a very good idea to come for a visit first, as this will give you added points and increase your overall immigration points. It is even more important if you are considering some Provincial Nominee Programs as in some cases, an arranged exploratory visit is mandatory.

Come visit your family members in Canada and explore the possibilites open to you!